“Our viticulture has a different origin. Planted directly into the ground without rootstock, more than 80 varieties identified”

The absence of the dreaded phylloxera has allowed Canary Islands many varieties of unique vine are preserved in the world, this combined with the volcanic soil characteristics and the adaptation of the varietals to the many microclimates, they give them an extraordinary personality and qualities unique. Canary wines are exceptionally unique, “unique in nature“.

Varietals: Unique in the world

Listán Blanco (White)

It has a medium-sized, orbicular and tri-lobed adult leaf. Its bunch is medium in size with a visible and cone-shaped peduncle (tightly clustered), although in occassions it may be cylindrical. The berry is spherical and yellow.

Aromatic Malvasia

Adult, orbicular and small to medium-sized leaf. Cylindrical, medium-sized and loosely clustered bunches of fruit. The berry is round and small in size with colourless juice and fleshy pulp. It has a unique taste with high acidity in maturation.


It has an adult, medium to small-sized, cuneiform leaf. Tightly culstered and medium-sized bunches of fruit. The berry is elliptical, short and yellow-green in colour. It has a unique taste with high acidity in maturation.


It has an adult, medium to large-sized pentagonal leaf. The bunch is medium in size and short. The bery is small, yellow and oval-shaped.

Vijariego Blanco (White)

It has a large-sized, orbicular and five-lobed adult leaf. Very large, cyllindrical cluster. The berry is long elliptical, with green skin and very acid juice.


It has a medium to small, cuneo-cordiform adult leaf. Small and compact cluster. The berry is medium-sized, elliptical-short and with green-yellow skin.

Listán Negro (Red)

Adult, medium-sized, orbicular and tri-lobed leaf. Medium-sized clusters, regular and cone-shaped. The berry is medium-sized, black, spherical, with colourless juice, medium skin and fleshy pulp.


This varieties of vine has medium-sized and cordiform adult leaf. It has a medium-sized, conic-clustered bunch. The berry is medium-sized, black, oval and with fleshy pulp.

Vijariego Negro (Red)

This varieties of vine has has a large, pentagonal adult leaf with five lobes. The cluster is long with five to six shoulders. The berry is large, elliptical with a bluish-black skin.


It has a large, pentagonal and five-lobed adult leaf. Tightly clustered and cylindrical in shape, the berry is small, spherical and has blue-black skin.

Baboso Negro (Red)

It has a small and pentagonal leaf and very small, tightly clustered bunches of fruit. The berry is very small, spherical and blue-black in colour.

Our plots

“Bodegas Viñátigo has eight plots in different geographical locations of the island of Tenerife. The rest of the grapes that make our wines come from winemakers who year after year deliver their production in the cellar and who strictly follow the plans suggested cultivation”

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