Bodegas Viñátigo

”Our Winery blends in with the environment, built with materials from the area such as volcanic rock. We adapt to the environment that surrounds us rather than the environment adapting to us”

Integrated Architecture

The first seven years spent in the small, old fashioned, traditional Canarian house situated in the town centre of La Guancha provided us with great experience which, together with several trips to the main winegrowing areas of the world, set the grounds for the project, in 1997, of our new building. Our current winery combines traditional architechtonic elements with modern lines using materials common to the area such as volcanic rock, aged ceramic rooftile, and more modern materials such as exposed concrete and stainless steel.

The building is arranged in three levels, two of which are underground, enabling us to work with gravity hence more respect for the integrity of the prime material and less energy consumption. The tasting and sales area is located on the first floor, decorated with natural volcanic landslides and to which there is access by a wooden ramp that descends through a volcanic cone. Here, one can enjoy the wines that are produced in the winery in a volcanic ambience, for these are wines that surge from a volcano as is the island of Tenerife (El Teide).

The Evocation to the terroir

The access to the winery is through an imitation of a volcano, which ends in a cozy tasting area surround by walls made of real volcanic rock (the solidified magma).

Natural ventilation

We use the influence of the trade winds by means of air vents in the building structure in the north which capture them, thus ventilating and cooling the wine naturally, without energy consumption.

The Passage of light, but not direct radiation

We use natural light in order to minimise energy consumption for lighting at work in the cellar, but we hamper the passage of direct radiation to prevent unnecessary heating of the environment.

Natural Insulation

We use the same volcanic rock to achieve excellent thermal insulation, thus minimising the energy consumption required for cooling wine.

Process by Gravity

By taking advantage of the slope of the mountain on which we are located, we have developed the winery on three levels, gathering the grapes on the third level and carrying out the whole process using gravity, which is a more delicate way of handling the grapes and therefore better from the point of view of quality and significant energy savings.

Kilometre Zero

The majority of the materials used in the construction of the winery are removed from the environment of the previously carried out excavation, like volcanic rock, the minimisation of CO2 emitted in the process landscape and maximum integration into the environment, for which they also placed imitation walls of the surrounding centuries-old terraces.
Facilities modern and sustainable
The winery enjoys modern and very functional facilities, where the winemaking process can be carried out with the utmost respect for the grape and a minimal energy consumption. The grape is introduced through the third floor where it undergoes selection, desteming and crushing. The macerating casks are located on the middle floor and, separately the packaging area. On the first floor, we find the presses, cold stabilization equipment, barrels room and laboratory. The winery has a tasting and sales area, volcanically ambienced.

The entire building is naturally isolated, built with rock from the area, and is equipped with an auto-ventilation system that guarantees an optimum temperature and the adequate renewal of air.

Combination of architectural elements and both traditional and modern materials

Both forms of the architectural elements and materials used, have obtained a total fusion of stone, concrete, steel, etc .. A reflection of the philosophy of the winery, we take advantage of the immense wine tradition and culture of the area and by using current knowledge, we produce modern wines without losing their roots.

Bodegas Viñátigo, Travesía Juandana / 38441 La Guancha
Santa Cruz de Tenerife / Islas Canarias - España
Tel: (+34) 922 828 768 / Fax: (+34) 922 829 936

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