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Bodegas Viñátigo has eight plots in different geographical locations of the island of Tenerife. The rest of the grapes that make our wines come from winemakers who year after year deliver their production in the cellar and who strictly follow the plans suggested cultivation

Finca Los Pedregales

Located on the right bank of the valley of El Palmar, in the Massif of Teno, the oldest geological formation of Tenerife, almost 1,000 meters above sea level with an area of 2 ha., which are divided into 33 vine terraces with over 100 vertical meters. The soil is the result of degradation of the Massif over millions of years, consisting of silt and an abundance of high density stones, which gives its name to the place (Pedregales translates as stony or rocky places) and ensures very good drainage.

100% of the grapes are the Tintilla variety, except for two small experimental terraces of Vijariego Black and Baboso Black, all in trellises, planted back in 2000.

The orientation of the valley is perpendicular to the ecliptic, which guarantees perfect lighting and together with the extreme weather this altitude gets a matured excellent variety, which is always harvested in the last week of October or first of November. These grapes we use to develop our Tintilla, also participate in the assembly and in the ancestral elaboration.

Finca Cabo Verde

A family plot in the vicinity of the winery, an area of Cape Verde in La Guancha, where for generations our family has cultivated vines and made wine.

A 400 m. altitude, with a 1.7 ha., area of sloping land and diverse orientations, it is composed of centuries-old Listán White, Listán Black and Negramoll, the garden varieties with a wide collection of native varieties, which we used for publicity and experimental purposes, 1 hectare of Baboso Black and the new plot where our project takes place in order to restore the traditional trellis system of the district, which 5 centuries ago brought the Portuguese colonists.

Parcela Juanelo

Right next to the Mazapé Finca with a limestone floor, composed of three terraces and an extension of 0,5has., which is entirely planted in Aromatic Malvasia, with a vertical trellis system in use.

The adaptation of this variety is spectacular.

Finca Mazapé

At 160 m. above sea level on the Mazapé cliff, it gets sun exposure throughout the day. At this altitude the climate is very mild,which makes it ideal for certain varieties. The soils are very diverse, with very different degrees of evolution. For these reasons, the finca is divided into plots and situated in each of these plots are more suitable varieties.

We have plots of Marmajuelo, Gual, Vijariego white, Malvasia Aromatic, and Negramoll, in a total of 4.7 Hectares.

It was the first finca of those dimensions with 100% of rescued minority varieties which helped to raise awareness of them in the market.

Lomo Blanco

A plot with an altitude of 700 m. and a clay soil. It has been the plot of trials and errors.

We initially planted Negramoll, then Tintilla, yet nothing worked. Now we are trying with the Albillo variety.

It consists of six terraces, with an area of 0.6 ha., It is a beautiful setting, so let’s see if we can achieve success with the the right variety.

Subida el Pris

Very small, only 0.06 hectares, planted entirely in Vijariego white, where its acclimatisation and performance is spectacular.

We combine three drive systems, trellis, vine arbor and barrels to analyse their adaptability.

Other plots

The rest of the grapes from which we make our wines come from winemakers who year after year deliver their production in the cellar and who strictly follow the suggested crop plans.

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