The winery, attached to the Canary Islands PDO and located in the municipality of La Guancha, in the Northwest of the Island of Tenerife, located on Wednesday July 8, the 2020 vintage.

It is an extremely dry year, only 154 liters of rain where it is usual to be around 500 and the increase in average temperatures during the spring months as a consequence of climate change, is causing more noticeable advances each year in the beginning of the vintage. At the height where this plot is located, 160 meters above sea level, the harvested varieties Marmajuelo and Verdello, are usually collected in mid-August.

The plot where the 2020 vintage has started is located in the nearby municipality of Garachico, where the port was located, which buried the Trevejos volcano in 1703 and from where the famous Canary Islands were exported in the 16th and 17th centuries to all the world, wines of which we find innumerable references in the Anglo-Saxon writers of the time. “You have drunk too much canaries, and that’s a wonderful looking wine …” William Shakespeare in “King Henry IV”.

Outstanding media at the national and regional level have echoed the news, highlighting the Radio Television Española (RTVE) Newscast.


This plot, which is called San Juan Degollado, is of great scenic beauty, made up of terraces built with volcanic rock, to overcome the difficulties generated by the orography in Tenerife for the cultivation of the vine, structures that also play a very important role against erosion.

The cultivation is carried out in a sustainable way, exclusively applying natural products for the control of pests and diseases, as well as the elaboration, respecting the expression of the terroir as much as possible, seeking to highlight in wines the uniqueness of such exceptional viticulture.

The 2020 harvest, despite the advance, presents itself with a very good sanitary condition, an optimal level of maturation, which we try to preserve with the advance at the start of the harvest, preserving high acidity and with a considerably higher production level than the previous harvest in 2019, which was very short.


Viñátigo is a family winery, located in the Northwest of Tenerife, today governed by the fourth generation of winegrowers-processors. It produces an average of 150,000 bottles per year, distributed in 20 different types of wines, for which they exclusively use indigenous grape varieties.

This winery stands out for the work it has carried out for decades in the recovery and enhancement of these varieties, many of which were in danger of disappearance: Marmajuelo, Gual, Tintilla, Baboso, Vijariego, etc …

It markets its wines both nationally and in the export market: USA, Canada, Belgium, United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, etc …