Last week we started a new illusion, the vintage 2019. A new challenge opens up hoping to shape all the illusions that we have deposited during this year. We start on the Mazapé plot with the vintage of Vijariego Blanco, a vineyard located 200 meters above sea level.

Possibly we have almost three months ahead of hard work, but with many expectations placed. All the harvest, as always here, will be manual, in boxes of 20 kilos, quickly transporting to a warehouse, where we cool it to zero degrees to process it the next day. In this way we can produce without the addition of sulphites or any preservative, since the cold makes us that protective effect without any negative side effects.

It has been a very dry year, only a few rains in November and a little more in February, 40% less than a normal year usually falls. As a result we will have a shorter harvest, which worries us, because it is the fourth consecutive year with reduced harvest. However, both the sanitary state and the parameters that the grapes show us (sugar, acidity, etc.) are excellent, which makes us presage that we will obtain magnificent wines.