The Canary wines, and in particular of the island of Tenerife, will be protagonists in the next issue of the North American magazine Wine & Spirits of the month of August.

In an extensive report entitled “Tenerife Reds”, Joshua Greene, editor and editor of the aforementioned magazine, analyzes the history and the unique characteristics of our vitiviniculture in what literally comes to consider the Canary Islands as an “untouched viticulture gold mine” .

Joshua Greene, demonstrates extensive knowledge and accompanies the report with his excellent sensations of his recent trip to the island, regarding the elaborations of viticulturists Jonatan García, Roberto Santana and Juan Jesús Mendez Siverio, director of Bodegas Viñátigo.

The report highlights the work of research and varietal recovery of Bodegas Viñátigo and distinguishes the work of our director Juan Jesús Méndez and his study of the DNA of the Canarian autochthonous varieties together with the Rovira i Virgil University of Tarragona. Joshua, had opportunity in his trip to Tenerife, to visit our winery and his variety garden. With good references from one of the world’s leading specialists in volcanic wine, John Szabo MS, who defined in his book “Volcanic Wine” Juan Jesus as “Dr. Grape,” the writer describes his visit to our winery and his meeting with our director, defining him as “one of the most intuitive winemakers on the island, cultivating at different heights and recombining the grapes in a fascinating way“.

Joshua highlights our Viñátigo Marmajuelo: “cultivated at sea level, a firmly structured wine with salty mineral acidity and the yellow citrus fruit flavor of Buddha’s hand. (Sarah Tracey, the wine buyer at Rouge Tomate Chelsea in New York City, was so taken by this wine on her recent visit to Viñátigo that she has started Marmajuelo Mondays at the restaurant.)”

In the range of reds, Joshua was surprised by Viñátigo Ancestral Tinto in a combination, which the editor defines as “a combination of spice and intensity, with gentleness to the volcanic minerality that sets it apart. Finesse is not a word I have often associated with Canary Island wines of the past, but this wine has it, with a flavor that lasts for minutes.

* If you want to see the full report in its original language, we leave you in this link the pdf of it.