We were starting this year the harvest with more than a week in advance, at the beginning of August and we finished in mid-October, three weeks earlier than usual in a harvest that has been marked by the lack of enough cold hours in the winter, What motivated an irregular sprouting, which also brought few fructifications, we must not forget that the vine is a true plant, which followed by a very dry year with a registered rainfall that does not reach half of the usual, has resulted in a very short crop in quantity with a decrease of more than 40% compared to the average of recent years, and with an advance in harvesting.

The decline in production has been practically the same in all varieties, so it will be reflected equally in all our wines.

However, as everything cannot be bad, the decrease in production translates into an increase in concentration in the grapes, from which we have obtained wines with very good acidity, fresh, with aging capacity in general, aromatically very intense, and in the case of the most covered red wines of the usual and with good tannic concentration, what a pity that there is so little quantity.

While we prepare to enjoy these exceptional wines with those who have wanted to compensate us for nature, we already have our eyes on the sky, waiting for the desired rains that help the vineyards recover so that next year they can give us a harvest more abundant.