On Monday, September 2, we celebrate the eighth edition of the Master Class of Grapes and Wine Tasting of the Canary Islands, an initiative already consolidated in our winery that has, as usual, been well received by professionals in the sector of the hospitality, catering and wine sector attending it.

The more than one hundred applications received exclusively by professionals (sommeliers, maitres and waiters of the main restaurants throughout the Canary Islands) demonstrate the enormous interest of this event, whose objective is to provide these professionals with the knowledge and tools necessary to explain to consumers the particularities and benefits of Canarian wines and Viñátigo in particular.

The technique used has been the Berry Sensory Assessment (BSA), a sensory and descriptive analysis system created from the contributions of J. Rousseau and Deltail of the Institut Coopèratif de Montpellier (France), which has demonstrated its usefulness and effectiveness in this kind of experiences.

Using this method, those attending the Master Class have learned to taste the grapes, to know their qualities and to compare the characteristics of the grapes with the wines obtained from all of them.

The Technical Director and Winemaker of Bodegas Viñátigo, Juan Jesús Méndez, has been in charge of conducting the tasting, an experience that in his opinion will allow the assistants “to know our grapes to understand our wines“. For Méndez Siverio, “the variety, together with the influence on it, the soil, the climate and the hand of man, together make up the wine we will obtain.”