This week we have successfully passed the Audit that involves the renewal of our ISO 9001 certificate, which has also meant the transition to the new requirements according to the 2015 version of the Standard. The first approval was in April 2003, so they are already with this 15 years in a row with the Quality System implemented in our company, which has meant a total assimilation, integrating completely in our philosophy, culture and daily management and job.

It is about staking the scope of certification “Vine cultivation, processing, packaging, marketing of wines and research and development processes of the sector”, a vast area that covers absolutely 100% of the activities we develop, from cultivation, to R & D processes in all our areas, including packaging and marketing, which is a very clear reflection of the degree of global implementation we have achieved, and which is a guarantee in the analysis of our day to day and in the continuous evolution based on the results of this reflection, a methodology that for many years has allowed us to evolve continuously and sustained.

It is noteworthy that there is no other winery worldwide with such a broad certificate scope.

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