This Friday 9 th of November we finished the 2018 harvest that we started on August the 6 th. Three months and a half harvesting and we still alive!

In three moths and three days exactly we have harvested 12 different indigenous grape varieties from the Canary Islands cultivated at different heights, from sea level up to 1200.

The first grape variety we harvested was the Verdello by the beginning of August. This grape grows near the sea, below 150 meters. The plot where it is cultivated, San Juan Degollado in the village of Garachico, has a subtropical weather with mild temperatures, ideal for grapes such as the Verdello, Gual and Marmajuelo.

The last day of harvest, as mentioned before, was on November 9 th , with the red variety Tintilla and the white Vijariego Blanco. Tintilla is cultivated in El Palmar Valley, concretely in the parcel Laderas de Teno; and the Vijariego Blanco in La Florida, in the village of Icod de los vinos, at 1000 meters above sea level.

Both parcels, Laderas de Teno and La Florida are situated at a very high altitude and the weather conditions are more extreme. Because of its continental climate, temperatures are lower than in areas near the sea and fluctuations between day and night are larger. Tintilla and Vijariego Blanco find in these parcels its ideal ecosystem.

The hilly relief of the north-west of Tenerife, together with the Trade Winds that blow from the north of the Atlantic, explain the micro-climates diversity that exist in the area. This makes possible that a wide range of grape varieties can develop in a different environment. During the last 5 centuries, these grapes that have never been affected by phylloxera, have been adapting to our territory, and allow us to obtain many different wines, each one with its own characteristics.

The 2018 harvest has been more than 3 months of thorough work. At Viñátigo, we have been controlling the ripeness of the grapes parcel by parcel, terrace by terrace, to determine the perfect time for picking: when the vine is giving us the grapes with an excellent balance. Having excellent quality grapes makes easier the work in the winery and guarantees the maximum expression of the wines.

Due to the hilliness of the vineyards, the entire harvest is done manually. Once the grapes are picked, they are transported to the winery in 18 Kg crates. At their arrival, the grapes are cooled down to below 0ºC, which allow us to avoid oxidations as well as not adding sulfites.

This harvest is bringing us wines with a strong Atlantic personality, with high acidity, an excellent aromatic intensity and a well-balanced alcoholic level. It is due to the climatological conditions of this chilly vintage. During the growing season, the influence of the humid and fresh Trade Winds has been very strong in the north-west of Tenerife, which translate into wines with great acidity.

For this reason, we are sure that wines that will age in barrels will evolve properly, thanks to this good acidity. They will conserve very well its color and aromatic characteristics.

Even if the quantity we expected from this harvest has been less, the quality is extraordinary.

As the first musts we obtained by the beginning of August are taking shape into unique wines, now it’s time to finish the fermentations and macerations of these last harvests.