These days we have had Steve, Jim and Martín from Hallgarten, one of the most important and reputable distributors in the United Kingdom.

With them we have visited the vineyards, the winery, tasted the last harvests and we have also taken the opportunity to deepen our knowledge of the particularities of the Canary Islands’ viticulture and our gastronomic and food heritage in general.

We have recently started working with them to distribute our products in the United Kingdom. And in this short space of time of collaboration, the experience has been very surprising, positive and rewarding for us.

Every year they present their portfolio for the most influential sector of the wine world in that country. In the celebration this past February in London, our wines caused a sensation and had a great impact among the attending public.

This type of news not only cheers us up and motivates us, but also gives us the certainty that we are heading in the right direction and that our long and hard road of decades of incessant work in the vineyards, winery and defense of our Canarian varieties has not been in vain. We continue!

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