This year, the Three Kings have handed out our Christmas gift and all the team of Bodegas Viñátigo are happy and grateful for the excellent news of the inclusion of one of our elaborations, Viñátigo Ancestral Tinto 2015, in the December-January special “Grandes Vinos De España” from the magazine MIVINO. We share space in this special with great wines, other large wineries, as the only Canary wine and that fills us with more pride to be able to leave the pavilion of the new Canarian viticulture high.

We leave you with the full report and we take the opportunity to wish you a happy holiday hoping to be able to accompany you in the same with our elaborations.

Especial “Grandes Vinos de España”
MIVINO magazine

We uncork some of the best references of our country, those we call Great Wines, to say goodbye to them the old year and greet with luxury a 2018 full of dreams. But how do you know that a wine is Great? Is a great wine born or made?

There was no reason for Goethe when he claimed that life was too short to drink bad wine. In our country we have the great fortune that the elaborations enjoy an unquestionable quality and, above all, of a diversity difficult to match by other producing countries. The wine industry in Spain is more alive than ever and it is demonstrated by the evolution that is taking place in the area of ​​protection of the old and native vineyard, in the way of managing the new plantations and in the way of interpreting the field that has the new batch of grape growers. From this dynamism, from the interest aroused by the new currents of production and the well-understood tradition that lasts and becomes strong despite the passage of time, is where the great wines of this country are born today. Some wines that are able to tell the story of a vineyard, a village, a family dedicated body and soul to their hawthorns or a grape that will end up expressing pure, authentic, without folds or makeup.

We understand that a great wine is one that transmits sensations, that suggests places where we have been before, that intoxicates us with the sincerity of its aromas, that time manages to refine and endow with a wonderful elegance and nobility. All this miracle begins to be done on the same floor. The privileged location of the vineyard, the soil where the vine grabs life and the passage of time that enriches the sap of the vine shoots are essential to obtain a fruit worthy of the most delicious elaborations. It is the farmer who has to know everything that surrounds the vine, discover their needs and satisfy them with restraint so that they end up giving the best grape possible. This grape will receive each and every one of the attentions in the cellar with the sole purpose that during the blessed transformation of the must into wine all its virtues come out in the form of aromas and flavors. And here the oenologist must be the one who guarantees with his work that there is nothing that interferes with the authenticity of the variety and the vineyard. A great responsibility on which much of the greatness of the final liquid depends. When it seems that the work is about to conclude comes the moment of rest, of parenting, of taking it easy. Now time is in charge of placing everything in the right place. The flavors and sensations come together in a harmonious whole that will end up being joyful for our senses.

In short, good wine is born in the vine and the man intervenes preserving its nature and extolling its most noble nuances. In the whole process of creation, any detail is important, but without an exceptional grape you can never make a wine with personality, genuine and unforgettable.

We wanted to dedicate the last number of the year to these great elaborations. This generous selection is a small sample of what our vineyard and our wine people are able to offer us. Let’s raise our glasses for them and uncork this 2018 with the desire that there will be more and better wines in our life.

Viñátigo Elaboraciones Ancestrales 2015

Bodegas Viñátigo

D.O.P. Islas Canarias

Tintilla, Baboso Negro
14ºC | Spices | 22 €

Expression of exceptional purity. Suggestive, aromatic and very interesting. It has notes of flowers, spices, incense. The whole set is of a certain exoticism. Friendly on the palate, polished tannins, tasty, without renouncing freshness and with a discreet memory of the oak.

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