On December 29, Juan left us. I want to remind you from this Viñátigo blog, because without a doubt this project is and will be a faithful reflection of many of the values and passions that it instilled in us.

It is a great luck to have had such exceptional parents, Juan and Chicha, who, unfortunately, also left a few years ago.

Very humble, from families with very few resources, but with values that supplied those material deficiencies with a lot.

Respect for others, the spirit of endless sacrifice, perseverance, faith in yourself, the spirit of self-improvement, love for a job well done, have been, among others, values that have transmitted to me and that have been decisive in my personal life, as in my professional and business career.

From a very young age, they instilled in me the importance of studying, it was the key tool to achieve the longed for improvement in life, so that our children did not have to suffer the needs that they had. The scarcity of family resources forced to make important sacrifices to face the expenses derived from the studies. It was not easy, but we did it, and I speak in the plural, because it was the merit of all.

I can not stop remembering at this time those cold days of February in La Guancha, when I was still a small child, pruning times, my father pruned and we tied behind. His obsession with order, perfection and a job well done accompanied him throughout his life, and in this facet he also made an appearance, the parrales had to be “ironed”, he did not allow us to leave a stick higher than the the rest. From these early ages I was already transmitting the interest and passion for viticulture, which later would be increased by the range of knowledge that I was opened by my studies in Chemical Sciences, and that allowed me to successfully face the adventure of Viñátigo.

He made his agricultural work compatible throughout his life, with work in his small shoe shop, where his perfectionist concerns also surfaced. I keep, as gold in cloth, the last shoes that I made to exact measure of my feet.

They are no longer there, but in us will remain their memory forever, in addition to some knowledge and values to which we have tried to be faithful and that we have tried to transmit, in the same way that they did with us, to the following generations, what is evidently one of the best tributes we can give them.

Viñátigo as a project, is also an exponent of this, represents the effort, the spirit of improvement, love for a job well done, perseverance and perseverance, a living homage to his legacy.

Thank you Dad you just left, thanks Mama, who left us a few years ago, thanks to both of you for being wonderful parents, may God have you in the place you deserve, forever!

Juan Jesús Méndez Siverio.
Director of Bodegas Viñátigo

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