Accumulated for many years in the development of multiple varietal knowledge, we present a wine where we blend the white varieties, Viñátigo Ensamblaje white and one in which we blend the red varieties, Viñátigo Ensamblaje red. Every year we use the varieties which we consider suitable and the proportion is determined by the weather conditions of each harvest.

Viñátigo Ensamblaje White


Grape Variety: Gual + Marmajuelo + Vijariego Blanco + Malvasia Aromática

Production: Each variety is fermented independently in stainless steel tanks, except for the Vijariego, fermented in French barrel with later batônage. Subsequently blended.

Oenological Parameters: 13% vol; A.T.=5,9 gr H2T/l ; PH=3,33; Az. Red.2 gr/l

Serving Temperature and Food Pairing: Serve at 9ºC; combines with seafood and fish.


Appearance: Greenish yellow, clear and brilliant.

Aroma: Medium-high aromatic intensity, very mineral with smoked and tropical tones.

Taste: Very good acidity, balanced and with a great persistence.

Viñátigo Ensamblaje Red


Grape Variety: Baboso Negro + Tintilla + Vijariego Negro

Production: Prefermentation cold maceration at 0ºC and subsequent fermentation at 25ºC. Aging of each variety independently in French Oak barrels for an average of 8 months.

Oenological Parameters: 14% vol; A.T.=5,5 gr H2T/l ; PH=3,65; Az. Red.<2 gr/l

Serving Temperature and Food Pairing: Serve at 14ºC; matches red meats, game.


Appearance: Dense, ruby red with violet nuances.

Aroma: High aromatic intensity, violets, dark fruits, dark chocolate and spices.

Taste: Structured and powerful with a great palate. Very intense and persistent.

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