The Sommelier Wine Awards (SWA) is the only competition aimed exclusively at catering in the United Kingdom. The prestigious event annually awards the best wines for restaurants, bars and hotels in the British market.
It is held annually and uninterrupted since 2012. In this edition, for several days, several teams of 6 people, led by various MS and MW, blindly tasted covered and coded bottles, in several daily runs, at an average of 60- 70 wines per day.
Well, the results of the Sommelier Wine Awards (SWA) of 2019 have been known and we are pleased to announce that our Viñátigo Vijariego Blanco 2017 has been awarded the Gold Medal in said contest.

A great news for our winery, which in the words of our director Juan Jesús Méndezmakes the uniqueness and philosophy of varietal defense of the elaborations of Bodegas Viñátigo, is increasingly known and valued in the demanding and competitive market such as the where the Quality Canary Wines are increasingly accepted – CanaryWine

We do not want to end this post without thanking the work of our distributor in the British Isles, Hallgarten & Novum Wines, since without their effort none of this would be possible. We continue! 🙂
Viñátigo Blanco

Viñátigo Vijariego Blanco

DO: DOP Islas Canarias – Tenerife
Variety: 100% Vijariego Blanco
Vineyard: Plots between 200 and 1000 metres above sea level. Northwest Tenerife.
Training method: Vertically trellised

Alcohol: 13,5% Vol.
Total Acidity: 6,9 gr tartaric/l
pH: 3,1
Residual sugar: <4 gr/l

Appearance:Straw yellow. Bright and clear
Aroma: High and well-balanced aromatic intensity. Outstanding pear, vanilla and smoked tones.
Taste: Intense, with an acidity typical of the variety.
Service: 9ºC

Pairing suggestion: White meats, fish in sauce and cheeses.

Packaging: Bordeaux bottle of 0.75l in boxes of six. Magnum bottles individually boxed. Every vintage is a limited edition and every bottle is numbered on the label. The stairway on the label is an allegory of the terracing style agriculture and our terroir. The clouds, under the Teide
volcano, represent the Trade Winds that allow us to grow vines.