Norwegian is one of the fastest growing airlines in Europe, flying 25 million passengers a year to more than 130 destinations worldwide.

The company is one of the last to start operating in Tenerife, starting its activities at the end of 2017. On one of its flights back to the island, we were pleasantly surprised to find it on the pages of the on-board magazine of the month. January, “N by Norwegian”, a recommendation about our winery that we reproduce in this post.

We appreciate the accurate detail of the company and we are proud, not only for the dissemination of our warehouse among all passengers of all lines of the company, but also to know that “N by Norwegian” is one of the most reputable flight publications and awarded as “Launch of the Year at the BSME Awards 2013”, and highly praised in the category “Customer Magazine of the Year” at the 2014 PPA Awards.

Teilen #Viñátigo