The Buyer is a new portal dedicated to connecting suppliers and clients in the premium sector “on-trade” of wines, beers and liquors. The portal was created by the association of Richard Siddle, former editor of Harpers Wine & Spirit, and Peter Dean, a former national journalist and co-founder of Seven Publishing, nowadays, the largest content marketing agency in Europe.

A few days ago, the aforementioned portal published a report analyzing the new wave of Spanish wines. This considered “new wave” moves away from the traditional elaboration of well-known and commercial denominations like Rioja, Duero or Rias Baixas and brings a new range of surprising wines with old varieties of autochthonous grapes rescued, limited production and innovative elaborations that make them more exciting according to the editor and wine expert Harry Crowther, who a few days ago had attended a tasting in London organized by Hallgarten & Novum.

The author highlights in the report various elaborations of DOs Monterrey, Ribera Sacra, Bierzo and some elaborations of Xos é Lois Sebio, but the protagonism for Harry Crowther comes from the hand of what he literally considers “the gems of the island” .. Our Viñátigo and specifically three of our varietals: Gual, Vijariego and Marmajuelo.

These are your impressions:

Bodegas Viñátigo, Gual, Tenerife, 2016
100% Gual (Bual). A stainless steel fermentation after the must is chilled down to just above 0°c to mitigate oxidation and allow the producer to operate without sulphur. Peachy, tropical notes on the nose. Lees ageing lends itself to a rich, round palate with bite.

Bodegas Viñátigo, Vijariego, Tenerife, 2016
Barrel ferment. 100% Vijariego. Indigenous yeast fermentation. Rich notes of pear and bruised apple. Vanilla and baking spice faithful to a French oak fermentation and ageing. Medium bodied with a bitter finish and waxy, textured tannins.

Bodegas Viñátigo, Marmajuelo, Tenerife, 2017
100% Marmajuelo. A high quality variety going through its revival stage. What a wine! Fermentation in stainless steel and concrete egg. This wine beautifully summarises the Gual and Vijariego into one, triumphant snapshot. Lean yet rich, intense and mineral with a long-lasting finish and acidity that comes in waves.

Wines available at Hallgarten and Novum.

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