The wines of Bodegas Vinatigo have been known and valued in Flanders and especially in Belgium for several years. This knowledge and high valuation has been the reason why Culinaire Ambience, most important gastronomic magazine, wanted to clear its curiosity about the singularity of our elaborations with a special report of several pages of Vinatigo.




Culinaire Ambience tells its readers the origins, history and philosophy of Viñátigo, explaining why the singular and unique character of our wines marked by the orography, minerality and privileged geographical situation of our island of Tenerife .

Culinaire Ambiance adds as key factors of the quality of our wines the decades-long work of the winery applying the “Viñátigo philosophy” in the recovery of unique Canarian varieties, and the continuous improvement of the natural methods of elaboration, elements that according to the editor make our Volcanic Wines stand out.

We do not want to end this post without first thanking the entire Culinaire Ambiance team for their professionalism and the interest shown in every moment to know all the details of the life of Viñátigo and our elaborations. Thank you!!

Teilen #Viñátigo