One more year, we celebrated Bodegas Viñátigo Open Day last 24th of November with friends, clients and wine lovers, coinciding with the celebration of San Andrés.

San Andrés is a traditional festive holiday that the villages from the north-west of Tenerife celebrate on November the 30th. It’s a tradition that has always been linked to wine, because it’s the day when the new wine is released. For pairing the new wines, we ate the traditional gastronomy: roasted chestnuts and sardines.

Due to this vintage’s weather conditions, in this year’s edition we had the opportunity to taste 4 new wines: Viñátigo Blanco and Viñátigo Rosado from the Clásicos collection, and the Marmajuelo and Malvasía Aromática Afrutado from the Varietales.
In addition to drinking the new wines and eating chestnuts, we also slid on the traditional wooden boards. This ancient tradition comes from when, long time ago, the winemakers needed to take the barrels near the sea to wash them with salty water once the fermentation process had come to an end.


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