Another year another harvest!

Once again we are about to start a new harvesting season. We are excited with this yearly challenge that makes us go one step further and improve our results in viticulture and the quality of the wines we produce.

Our oenologist, Elena Batista, shares with us her impressions about this harvest.

What are your expectations regarding this harvest?

This harvest is going to be more abundant than the precedent years’. We are very happy about that because during the last years we had difficulties, especially because of the lack of production. Even if the weather hasn’t been very favourable (we didn’t have enough sunny days), we’ve successfully managed to have an entire organic production in excellent conditions.

In terms of weather, how has been the year?

In winter, temperatures were moderated. Since February, precipitations have increased over the average. It has contributed to a better plant development. Since the beginning of the veraison, temperatures are mild, quite low, which is good for a slowly ripening.

What impact do you think these weather conditions will have in the new wines?

We could compare having mild temperatures during the ripening to slow cooking: the grapes are slowly getting ripened, which will result in a great acidity, more aromas and good color layers in the case of reds.

Regarding the production, what are your thoughts?

Our forecast is very optimistic and we expect this harvest to be one of the best, both in quality and quantity.

The first ripening controls and vinifications prove your forecasts?

The first ripening controls we did were for the white varieties: Marmajuelo, Verdello, Gual and Moscal; which are the ones with the shortest cycle. The results have shown an optimal acidity and excellent health conditions. So yes, the expectations are being fulfilled.

What are the most important challenges Viñátigo is facing this year?

This year we will keep on studying and learning about our native varieties. Even if it’s been 20 years since we started, we keep on experimenting and getting surprised by the extraordinary potential of the Canary Islands’ cepages that were almost disappeared. Another challenge is to keep on surprising our clients every time they have a glass of any of the 17 Viñátigo wines.
But without a doubt, we have successfully overcome the challenge of avoiding using any synthetic or chemical product during the year and having an excellent ecological production. We can’t be happier.

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